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About Wing Wah

Background of the Group

From its humble beginning at a corner of Yuen Long in 1950, Hong Kong Wing Wah Cake Shop has now developed into a group of restaurants and cake shops with over 50 outlets scattered all around Hong Kong. “Wing Wah” has all along upheld the tradition of using high quality ingredients and kept abreast with time.

In the 1960s’, Hong Kong Wing Wah Cake Shop focused its development in cake manufacturing business and reorganized into a limited company. Manufacturing plant was set up in Hong Kong with the introduction of various kinds of automated production equipment to upgrade product quality. In the 1970s’, Wing Wah opened its own retail outlets at different locations of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories to actively expand it business. Apart from the domestic market, it also started to open up the international market by selling Moon Cakes to over 100 major cities in Mainland China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other Southeast Asian countries. In the 1980s’, Wing Wah began to focus on the China market. Until now, Wing Wah moon cakes have reached as far as Inner Mongolia and Harbin. In late 90s’, Wing Wah was the first Chinese cake shop to open up retail branches at the Hong Kong International Airport. Based in Hong Kong but with a global vision, “Wing Wah” aims to promote tea and cakes with Chinese and Hong Kong characteristics to the whole world. Our motto is – top quality to ensure customers "buy with peace of mind and eat with assurance".

Wing Wah Restaurant is still one of the important businesses of the Group. Our gourmet chef Mr. LEUNG Man-to is the person-in-charge of the three restaurants located in Yuen Long, Kowloon Bay and Wanchai. The restaurants targets at traditional “seasonal” dishes, creating a new trend of dining culture.
Our roots in Yuen Long
Our roots in Yuen Long
Hong Kong Wing Wah Restaurant has started its operation in the Yuen Long township, New Territories, Hong Kong when first founded in 1950. It has evolved from an old time restaurant to the present-day enterprise with large-scale plant and dozens of retail outlets. Wing Wah has taken root in Yuen Long, Hong Kong and a steady solid base is developed there. Our name is world-renowned. Whenever the full moon is hanging high during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the familiar slogan of Hong Kong Yuen Long “Wing Wah Moon Cake” - “One step ahead in setting sail, leader in moon cake production; pioneer in white lotus seed paste, popular around the world" would pop up in the mind of those far away from home.
Yuen Long, Hong Kong retains the traditional authentic food culture: Yuen Long Wing Wah Moon Cake, Tai Wing Wah walled-village dishes, Wing Wah preserved meat sausages, fresh from oven wife cakes, etc. All of them are the indispensible food choice of Yuen Long District today. By means of “Wing Wah Moon Cake”, Hong Kong Yuen Long Wing Wah Cake Shop has spread traditional Chinese delicacies of local style throughout the world. Where there is Chinese, there is “Hong Kong Yuen Long Wing Wah Moon Cake".
About Yuen Long
In the old days, Yuen Long was a traditional market for distribution of agricultural produce. In the late 1970s, the Government began development planning for the Yuen Long District to turn it into a new town with government facilities and residential and industrial zones. At the same time, with better network of external transport links, including the completed the MTR West rail, Route 3 and the Tai Lam tunnel, Yuen Long new town has become the transportation hub of northwest New Territories. Hence, development of the region has been much accelerated. At present, Yuen Long District has a population of some 0.53 million.。

World Selection 2016 Food Products Grand Gold Award

White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Egg Yolks

Monde Selection

World Selection 2016 Food Products Gold Award

White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake without Egg Yolk

Monde Selection

World Selection 2016 Food Products Gold Award

Icy Fantasy Icy Mooncake

Monde Selection

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The Best Brand Enterprise Award 2006

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Golden Award for Food and Beverages 2006

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International Leadership Star for Quality Award 2007

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World Quality Commitment Award - International Star Award in the Platinum Category 2007

Business Initiative Directions

Century International Quality ERA Award in the Diamond Category 2008

Business Initiative Directions

Outstanding Corporate Strategy Awards 2007

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Eastweek Magazine and SingTao Group



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Community Investment
Wing Wah Cake Shop commits itself to charitable activities. Since 1990, “Mooncakes for Charity” are made every Mid-Autumn Festival to raise money for charity. All funds raised are donated to the Community Chest to help the needy in the society.